Workforce and Talent

Prince William County has an outstanding talent pool of highly-skilled, culturally diverse labor.  With 42% of adults holding a 4-year degree and workers per capita holding an advanced degree 2.5 times more than the national average, the ability to access top-talent is a proven asset and why many businesses choose Prince William County. Prince William County is home to the nation’s highest concentration of programming and computer science talent and has experienced 5.5% engineering employment growth per year over the last five years.

Another benefit to Prince William County’s location is its access to a large workforce with 2.1 million prospective employees within 30 miles and 1.5 million within a 30-minute commute.

Businesses also benefit in our cost competitive environment for employment wages and location in a right-to-work state, which has the 3rd lowest unionization rate in the country.  At $45,277, Prince William County’s average annual wage is 35% less than the Northern Virginia region and 17% less than the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Prince William County is home to six campuses of higher education, including George Mason University (Mason) Science & Technology Campus, Strayer University, Stratford University, ECPI University and Norther Virginia Community College’s (NOVA’s) Woodbridge and Manassas campuses as well as American National University in Manassas, VA. The County is also within commuting distance to over 40 colleges and universities throughout Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including George Washington University, Georgetown University and the University of Maryland.