Starting a Small Business in Prince William County?


Starting a new business is an exciting venture and Prince William County is an excellent choice for your location. Highlighted below are key steps to help you open for business.

Be sure to visit Virginia Business for a comprehensive overview of state requirements and small business programs. You may also want to review this resource guide that describes County, regional, state, and federal resources.

1. Register Your Company Name


2. File Articles of Incorporation with the State


3. Obtain a Federal Identification Number


STEPS 4 and 5 apply if you are planning to buy a site or building or move into an existing building. If you are planning to work from home, skip to STEP 6.


4. Consider Hiring a Project Manager


5. Check Zoning and Occupancy for your Location


6. Secure Planning/Zoning Approval


7. Obtain a Permit for a Home-Based Business


8. Obtain a Business License


9. Open your Door