Market Research

  • Our team supports the success of your project by providing comprehensive market intelligence and research tailored to your project’s specific needs.
  • Whether yours is a mega project or you are a small business owner, our research capabilities and resources can save you valuable time and money.
  • Through our network of industry allies and stakeholders, we are also able to provide not-so-readily available market insight that can affect the success of your project.
  • Let us help you find answers to questions you may have regarding: suitable site selection; labor availability and cost; demographics; incentives; social and cultural factors such as education, housing, and quality of life.
  • Working together, we will help you acquire the intelligence you need to ensure the successful location and/or expansion of your project in Prince William County.

Existing Business Program

Our existing business staff strives to build and maintain relationships to sustain business growth and productivity. We work quickly to connect local businesses with the right information, resources and programs to enhance business success. With just one call or email existing business staff will:

  • Visit you at your business to discuss your company’s new products and services, hiring and expansion plans, and factors affecting your company’s growth;
  • Assist your company with expansion projects:

    • Provide site and building location options,
    • Expedite targeted projects through the County’s commercial development process,
    • Access local pipeline of workers and customized training;
    • Explore financing options; and
    • Ascertain likely incentives.
  • Link your company with Economic Development’s network of resources and services;
  • Assist with connecting to local suppliers and potential customers through the local Business Directory, events and seminars;
  • Respond to business climate issues you identify; and
  • Promote your company’s success stories through publications, events, social media and website.

Business Development

Our team of professional economic developers will provide professional location services to companies considering Prince William County. We can facilitate meetings with other local businesses, workforce development partners, and federal, state and local leaders that assist new companies considering relocation or expansion in Prince William County.

For companies considering Prince William County as a business destination for the first time, the team will provide customized research and business services to help company officials and location advisors. We can generate local data and specialized expertise required to navigate the many programs that exist to assist new businesses locating in Prince William County. Our services include:

  • An overview of community, business environment, transportation infrastructure, quality of life and customized sector advantages in Prince William County, Virginia;
  • Comprehensive, detailed information on sites and/or buildings that meet the company’s needs;
  • Technical presentations tailored to a company's specific location requirements;
  • Customized site and building tours;
  • Interviews with similar companies to learn first-hand what it's like to operate in Prince William County;
  • Detailed meetings with local and state officials who administer tax and business incentive programs;
  • Assistance throughout the building permitting procedure, inspection process and fast track permitting for qualified targeted industries; and
  • Fast, personal and confidential customer service.