Sebastian Caballero Interview Blog

What attracted you to the Prince William County?

I lived here when I was younger, before going away to school.  I loved living in Prince William County for its natural beauty (all the parks, and trails) and I also loved how diverse the county was and still is. It is home to what I feel is one of the most multi-cultural and multi-ethnic populations in the Northern Virginia area. I knew when I saw the job posting that it would be a good opportunity to reconnect with the county and to contribute to the important work of the Department of Economic Development.


What is your position and what will be your top priorities?

My title is Business Intelligence Manager. This entails administrating our CRM (Salesforce) and the grants management process. My top priorities in the short-term are to optimize the system by fully supporting the team in achieving the Department’s goals while simultaneously fostering a spirit of collaboration. Long term, I would love to digitize and streamline the entire grants management process so that it runs like a well-oiled machine.


What skills and experience do you bring to this position?  

While I may be new to the government, I am no beginner to Salesforce. I have worked in the field of Salesforce Administration since my first job out of college. I am a self-taught administrator who has taken initiative whenever opportunities presented themselves. I love to learn and welcome a challenge. I believe I can bring my extensive knowledge of developing tailored Salesforce solutions and overall charisma to the Department of Economic Development.


And lastly, you have been on the job for a short while now, what was the most interesting thing you have learned or surprised you about PWC?

The work and initiatives that the county has embarked upon even in challenging times is truly inspiring. It is great to be part of such a committed and passionate team of individuals!

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