Product/Services: RASco, Inc., is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm with a highly qualified in-house staff composed of professional engineers, scientists and technicians. Its senior members possess a record of extraordinary accomplishments and achievements in civil, mechanical, electronic, energy conservation, and environmental engineering. Our staff includes experienced designers, cost estimators, economists, senior engineering technicians, CADD designers/operators, and administrators who complete RASco’s ability to provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary Architectural/Engineering services.

We are comprised of five operational divisions, Technology, Management, Equipment, Engineering and Craft Beverage. (More information about the capabilities of RASco, Inc. is provided on our website at www.rascoengineers.com and www.rascocraftbeverage.com).

The Technology Services division has an established record and reputation for quality and thoroughness in program development, based on sound engineering analysis and development of proven solutions in mission critical facilities including Operations and Maintenance.

Construction Management is focused on delivering critical construction projects on time and on budget to get the most quality for your construction needs. This group supports both private and government sectors for on-site inspection and testing, design solutions proposed including:environmental compliance, construction feasibility and methodology, cost analyses and economic evaluations.

Equipment Services Incorporated is a wholly owned subsidiary of RASco, Inc., performing maintenance of highly technical ultra pure water systems. The technicians of this group are involved in the daily preventative maintenance of systems utilized in the medical research and laboratory applications. The systems range from Ultra-Pure to Anti-Terrorism Force Protection purification needs.

RASco has extensive experience relating to water and wastewater systems, allowing the Engineering Consulting Division to deliver Environmental design/compliance needs for our clients. Our resume includes designs for Green Roofs, Storm Water Best Management Practices, Sanitary Sewer design, Illicit Discharge Surveys and Industrial Wastewater Management Plans. 

The Craft Beverage Division is dedicated to the Craft Beverage Industry, specifically microbreweries. Recent developments in water filtration technology allow for the application of pure water filtration methods utilizing efficient membrane technology. These parameters are essential to the ability to provide  the perfect first ingredient – Water.

Location: Woodbridge, VA
Employment: 28
Year Established: 1991
Website: www.rascoengineers.com , www.rascocraftbeverage.com
LinkedIn Company Profile: RASco, Inc.
Facebook Page(s) facebook.com/rascoengineers/& facebook.com/RAScoCraftBeverage/
Greatest and/or Recent Achievement(s): RASco has begun to sell its latest product,“TruBru,” to several local craft breweries.