Mike Garcia Construction

After more than 35 years in business, Mike Garcia Construction has flourished into a very successful company.  As a long-time Prince William County resident, I began as a small custom home builder who operated out of his home.  Nearly four decades later, I have the same passion for quality as is evidenced by any and all of the custom homes I have built. In addition to building custom homes, my business has expanded to include remodeling, commercial construction, and development.  During my time in business, I have remained true to my principles, focused on quality, and always looked for ways to improve myself and those around me.  Those attributes are among the reasons I have endured three economic recessions.  Further, I am proud that I have done that while almost entirely hiring from within the county where I live, established my business, and raised my family.  Every project I build or develop has my name attached to it as a sign of what I stand for, quality and commitment for doing it right.  Whether residential or commercial, big or small, I view each and every project as a proud achievement and an integral part of Mike Garcia Construction.

As a business owner who has dealt with some trials and tribulations and persevered through them, I am always looking for ways to add to the portfolio of my company.  Towards that, I am realizing new successes and see a new direction for the company by using my knowledge and experience to help other business leaders.  Helping business leaders navigate the labyrinth and mitigate the risks involved with developing real estate for their business interests and companies.  The experience and knowledge I possess of the entire process, from infancy and planning all the way to the grand opening and everything in between, helps them to quickly solve issues that may stall or prevent projects from ever coming to fruition.

Since 1999, I have been a Director for Cardinal Bank and have served just as long on their Loan Committee.  In that capacity, I evaluate all types of commercial projects from a lender’s point of view.  I go through the myriad of issues to determine which projects are strong and valuable investments.  Sometimes, business owners may be too emotionally attached to an idea or location and they need an independent analysis of the risks involved.   Understanding the formulas and delicate balance between land acquisition costs, design, permitting, development, and ultimately the appraisal in order for a project to be feasible for a client is a strong suit of mine.  Without that knowledge and experience, some business leaders lack the ability to understand what is feasible to obtain proper financing which often leads to projects, visions, and dreams dying on the vine.  It does not have to be that way.  By working with my clients, I strive to wrap a proverbial security blanket around them and help them navigate their way through the aspects of the entire process.  I enjoy the process of helping business leaders endeavor their way towards becoming owners of commercial development.  The pride I have in their success from my involvement, knowledge, and experience are among what separates me and Mike Garcia Construction from other construction companies.

A recent example of the above is my partnership and involvement with Evergreen Country Club.  As a Director for Cardinal Bank and a member of the Loan Committee, I recall periods of time where a bank client and business with great assets struggled with economic downturn.  I worked with the bank, club, and investors to find a suitable solution.  This solution not only helped the club, but allowed for the refurbishment of a historic home on the property.  Once ownership of the club changed hands, I worked with the new owner on the entire process of getting the grand manor house towards its grand opening later this month.  Mike Garcia Construction was able to do the majority of the construction and renovation of the house by using resources that would have been unavailable otherwise.