Leading Industries

The Prince William County Department of Economic Development works to attract businesses in all industries to expand capital investment and increase high-wage jobs. The department announced $1.53 billion in capital investment and 227 new jobs in Fiscal Year 2019, stemming from 13 targeted industry projects.  The results marked yet another twelve-month period within which the County has logged over half a billion dollars in economic development projects.

The County’s growth is owed in part to its strategic location and excellent competitive advantages such as a ready supply of skilled, young professionals; affordable and available land; and competitive labor costs all of which result in a strong value proposition within the Greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Today, leading industries seek out Prince William County, as it is recognized for its superior services, pro-business support, expedited permitting, strong collaborative synergies and strong selection of optimal site & building options, not found elsewhere.  

These targeted industries include, but are not limited to:

Life Sciences & Biotechnology arrow
Prince William County has a fast growing life sciences and bio-technology hub within the Greater Washington, DC Metro area.  The County is now home to a vibrant ecosystem of life sciences and forensic research companies at the epicenter of which is George Mason University’s (Mason’s) Science & Technology Campus.  The Campus houses a number of advanced life science research programs and institutions, including:
  • Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine
  • National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Disease
  • Sports Medicine Assessment Research and Testing Lab
  • College of Science

Close proximity to the National Institutes of Health and Federal Drug Administration and a central location to thirteen major research institutions producing laboratory talent make the County an excellent location for this industry sector.  In addition, the Prince William Science Accelerator, located near Mason, is the only public-private commercially available property featuring wet laboratory spaces in the Northern part of the Commonwealth. The ~9,000 square foot facility is designed as an innovative environment for entrepreneurial research and product development.

Information Technology arrow

Northern Virginia has been a leader and key cluster in the information technology arena since World War II.  Prince William County has seen exponential growth in all aspects of information technology from big data analytics to modeling and simulation.

The four key drivers of the concentration of information technology (IT) companies in Northern Virginia include:  expansion of the defense industry and its private sector contractors; IT technology advances spurred by DARPA and NASA; a technical workforce including network and systems engineers, software developers and hardware engineers; and the location of the eastern connection point of the internet near Dulles International Airport.

As the federal government’s need for advanced technologies in all aspects of information technology increases and as the private sector embraces ways to increase productivity, manage and analyze exponentially increasing amounts of data, and protect security, the IT sector will continue to grow.  

Prince William County is positioned to take advantage of this growth due to: its ever-growing technical workforce; strong educational assets with an emphasis on science, technology and math; close proximity to federal agencies; robust power and fiber networks; and concentration of data centers.

Federal Agencies & Corporate Facilities arrow

Prince William County has a burgeoning federal, defense and security industry community, proudly serving as the long-time home to the Marine Corps Base Quantico, the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, the National Institute of Health Biomedical Research Laboratory, the FBI Northern Virginia Resident Agency, the Virginia Department of Forensic Sciences Laboratory and a number of General Services Administration (GSA) facilities.

Close proximity to the nation’s capital and new HOT Express Lanes provide federal contractors all the advantages of accessibility to key federal agencies, with a competitive edge of a highly-educated workforce at cost competitive wages and affordable land.

The County is well positioned for defense of the future, as cybersecurity, intelligence surveillance and mission software development companies resource Prince William County’s strong, secure fiber network, virtually zero latency, abundant and affordable power with redundancy and competitive electric rates.

Specialized Logistics & Supply Chain arrow
As the logistics and supply chain industry transitions into the age of omni-channel supply chain networks, companies must be more strategic than ever to position themselves in a location that offers superior infrastructure access to provide the quickest and most efficient service to its customers on every level of the omni-channel.  Prince William County provides a centralized and strategic location, ease of transit along two of the country’s major highway corridors – I-95 and I-66 – and offers direct access to Washington DC, one of the largest customer markets in the United States.  The County’s solid transportation infrastructure and access to 75% of Northern Virginia’s workforce of 1.5 million provides a sound platform for any specialized logistics or supply chain business wanting to have a strong presence in Northern Virginia, the mid-Atlantic, and Eastern United States.