Jeff Green Interview Blog


What attracted you to the Prince William County?

When I started in February 2020, Prince William had experienced tremendous growth since 2001 and looking into the future I was excited to be part of that continued growth. It’s a different world now compared to February, but I think the county is well positioned to continue that growth and accelerate its commercial growth once we are past COVID-19. I’m excited to be part of this community and do my part to help it navigate into a bright future.


What is your position and what will be your top priorities?

I’m the business development manager for the Information and Communication Technology industries. Prince William has become a major player in the Data Center industry and in the short term I want to ensure that industry continues to grow here in Prince William County and that the data center industry continues to integrate in our larger community.

In the longer term, I want to see more information technology employment hubs located within Prince William County. I envision these hubs as a mix of fast-growing technology companies, housing, retail and amenities. I think we have a unique opportunity to create new communities and places to do business without the long commutes to other communities.


What skills and experience can bring to this position?  

As we come out of COVID-19, I think businesses will need creative and flexible solutions to speed up their recovery and position themselves for the future.  I’ve been working in economic development since 2014, in that time, I’ve learned that economic development is about listening and problem solving.  This is probably truer now than it was two months ago and I’m ready to apply my listening and problem-solving skills to help businesses thrive in the future.


And lastly, you have been on the job for a short while now, what was the most interesting thing you have learned or surprised you about PWC?

I’ve been blown away by Prince William County’s resiliency. The community has really rallied together to face this crisis head on. From helping neighbors get food to making PPE equipment, this community has shown tremendous generosity and grit. I think that spirit of generosity and tenacity are great core attributes that will help ensure our recovery. I think our brightest days are ahead of us.

Finally, I think the natural beauty of the county is striking. From the mountains to the west and the Potomac on the east side of the county, and the beautiful natural flora and fauna in between. Prince William has a unique beauty.

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