IFAS is a professional services firm that applies integrated finance and accounting solutions to every engagement to help clients build, sustain, and maintain a profitable business model, no matter what the industry.  Their goal is to provide on time service that is mission focused, and results driven.  What they sell as a professional services firm, is knowledge and expertise.  IFAS is not just the name, it is the overarching philosophy that they incoroporate in their program support analysis on each engagement.  They are a company committed to delivering on time service that is within budget.  Their net income has grown significantly, since their inception in 2007.  The success of the company can be attributed to their unique business model, which is a relationship based approach with approximately 90% of their work derived from long-term relationships.  Their model incorporates continued growth, improved profitability, and market advantage, for their clients.  These factors reinforce the value of their business model, and ensures continued growth, and success.  Fundamental traits of their business model drive their decision-making and strategic iniatives; they also indicate what makes them unique and what they deem critical to their success.

Services: Business & Finance Operations                                                                                

Location:  4500 Pond Way, Suite 270, Woodbridge, VA 22192

Year Established:  2007

Employment:  70+

Website: http://www.ifas-llc.com 

Twitter Handle:  @IFASLLC1

LinkedIn Company Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/integrated-finance-accounting-solutions-ifas