Federal Agencies & Corporate Facilities


Prince William County has a burgeoning federal, defense and security industry community, proudly serving as long-time home to the Marine Corps Base Quantico, the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, the National Institute of Health Biomedical Research Laboratory, the FBI Northern Virginia Resident Agency, the Virginia Department of Forensic Sciences Laboratory and a number of General Services Administration (GSA) facilities.  Ground-breaking research in proteomics, forensics and biodefense is part of Prince William County’s DNA.  

Facts and Figures
Defense & Federal
Facilities Establishments*
Employees in Defence &
Federal Facilities Industries*

The County is home to over 170 federal contractors 
75% of Northern Virginia’s 1.5 million workers are within a  
30-minute one-way commute to the center of Prince William County during rush hour


Close proximity to Washington, DC and new HOT Express Lanes provide federal contractors all the advantages of accessibility to key federal agencies, with a competitive edge of a highly-educated workforce at cost competitive wages and affordable land.

The County is well positioned for defense of the future, as cybersecurity, intelligence surveillance and mission software development companies resource Prince William County’s strong, secure fiber network, virtually zero latency, abundant and affordable power with redundancy and competitive electric rates.

Main Players in the Targeted Industry
Biosecurity, Cybersecurity, Forensics, Federal Contractors, and Corporate & Divisional Headquarters are encompassed within Prince William County’s Federal Agencies & Corporate Facilities Targeted Industries.  First established in 1917, the Marine Corps Base Quantico is home to many of the nation’s most highly-trained, innovative, intelligent and patriotic men and women.  Quality Business Engineering (QBE), a leading management and technology consulting organization for the federal government and defense community, is headquartered in Gainesville, VA.  The County’s largest corporate park is home to American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), the international bio-resource center and one of only three US facilities granted International Depositary Authority status under the Budapest Treaty to maintain internationally patented biological material.  Its neighbor, Micron Technology, Inc., is a global leader in advanced semiconductor systems.  Close to I-66 BAE Systems’ Electronic and Integration Systems offers a broad range of mission critical electronic systems.

Business Advantages/Market Access
Businesses in Prince William County are able to compete for government contracts and maintain the competitive advantage of employing a highly-skilled and trained workforce thanks to a strong military presence.

A short drive to the Marine Corps Base Quantico, Army Base Fort Belvoir, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) or the Pentagon via two major interstates – I-66 and I-95, coupled with ease of access to three major airports, translate to swift and efficient transport of defense goods to both domestic and international customers.

As the home to one of the country’s leading biosecurity centers, the National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Diseases (NCBID), the County draws biosecurity firms that also recognize and draw support from the collective Life Sciences industries that are growing in the University-Research epicenter within Innovation Park.

Key Drivers in Prince William County
Federal and Defense-related businesses in Prince William County further benefit from:

An Ideal Location

Prince William County provides federal facilities and headquarters the assurance of a secure setting with many of its sites and buildings meeting the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DRTA) guidelines while also delivering the optimal distance from high-value targets to effectively and safely locate and support the cyber-security community.     

Many federal employees reside in the outer suburbs and must make long commutes or drive to metro stations in order to access public transportation.  By locating in Prince William County, employees have a significantly shorter, fuel-efficient commute and can be at work sooner.

Incentives that are of use to federal government facilities include: 30-day fast-track permit processing; cash incentives, reduced site and development fees and the ability to create a security buffer with the large land availability, all in close proximity to the Nation’s capital.


*2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics