A growing population is usually perceived as an advantage for economic growth.  More residents imply greater investment in the youth, greater educational opportunities, greater innovation and purchasing of goods and services.

Prince William County’s population has grown steadily due to the combined effects of migrant growth as well as organic growth.  The County is the second largest and fourth fastest growing county in the state of Virginia by population.  In the ten-year period to 2010, the County’s population increased by 43% from 280,813 in 2000 to 402,002 in 2010.  Moreover, continued growth is anticipated and the County’s population is expected to approach 559,000 residents by 2040.  Recent estimates suggest that as of June 2018, the County was already home to 460,457 residents.

Prince William County’s population is among the most rapidly growing in the region. Over the ten-year period 2000-2010, Prince William County population grew by 43% compared to the 18% in the Washington D.C Metro Area, 13% in the state of Virginia and 10% overall for the United States.


Racial and Ethnic Makeup

Prince William County’s racially and ethnically diverse population makes it one of the most globally represented communities in the region, offering potential employers a range of skill sets including a multi-lingual labor force.  According to national daily newspaper, USA Today, “Prince William County is at the leading edge of a diversity explosion that is currently sweeping the USA”.  

More than half of the County’s population is either African American, Hispanic, Asian or some other racial/ethnic background, which is substantially higher compared to the state of Virginia and United States.  Prince William’s percentage of Hispanic population (the fastest growing population in the United States) is also higher at 22% compared to the state of Virginia and the nation.  

Multi-ethnic residents are helping boost the local economy by providing a ready workforce.  They enhance the historic richness of Prince William County by adding new languages, cultures, traditions and food. Not to mention, they are buying homes, opening businesses and supporting local enterprises.


Multi-Lingual Society
A larger percentage of Prince William County’s population is multi-lingual compared to the state of Virginia and the United States. As the demand for multi-lingual employees continues to rise, Prince William County offers a linguistically skilled workforce that is better able to meet that demand and engage effectively with the global community.  Approximately 30% of the County’s population speaks a second language – a higher percentage compared to Virginia and the United States.


Gender Diversity
Not only is Prince William County’s population racially and ethnically diverse, it is also relatively evenly balanced along gender lines.

Age and Age Distribution
Prince William County’s population reflects a relatively young, vibrant community.  Its median age of 34.4 years is lower than that of neighboring jurisdictions, the state of Virginia as well as the United States.

More than half of the County’s population (between ages 25-64) forms part of its current active labor force.

Moreover, Prince William’s County percentage of its population 65 and over is lower at 8% compared with 14% for the state of Virginia and for the entire United States.

The segment of Prince William County’s population which comprises its “young professionals” and is indicative of its ability to support future business labor requirements i.e. ages 25-44, makes up 30% of its population, a proportionately larger segment than the state of Virginia and the United States.