Clarice Grove Interview Blog

What attracted you to Prince William County?

The affordable housing market attracted me to live in Prince William County shortly after graduating from college. (Thank you PWC for helping me move out of my parents’ basement)  Now that I am growing my young family, at-place employment opportunities and a shorter commute time attracted me to live and work in Prince William County. The ability to work close to home allows me to spend less time commuting, and more time with my family.


What is your position and what will be your top priorities?

As the Small Business Development Manager, my top priority is to create a community that is supportive to small business owners and entrepreneurs in Prince William County. I am currently fostering a network of strategic partnerships to create value for our small business resource center. Soon I’ll begin to actively engage our small business community through social media, events and community outreach. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are welcome to schedule a one-on-one business needs assessment with me, and together we’ll walk through the next steps of business development.


What skills and experience can you bring to this position?  

My education in communications and professional experience in sales have equipped me with a unique set of skills in marketing and customer service to generate value and brand awareness around small business development in Prince William County. I’ve learned that successful marketers must master the art of user experience, creative content and effective promotion. With the massive amounts of information out there, I hope to make the research process less daunting and more rewarding for business owners.


And lastly, you have been on the job for a short while now, what was the most interesting thing you have learned or surprised you about PWC?

As a tax payer, I’m impressed by the County strategic plan to stoke business development and increase commercial tax revenue. It’s encouraging to see a team working so diligently to provide a better standard of living for me and my family.


FOR FUN: if you could trade places with an Economic Development teammate, who would it be and why?

I would love to be a part of our marketing team, because they are the creative conductor that directs the tone for an entire jurisdiction. The marketing team gets to meticulously craft the County’s identity and influence how our brand resonates. They have the ability to really get people excited about the great things happening in Prince William County.

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