Virginia Workforce Connection

Internet portal for employment and labor market information for Virginia features beneficial to employers include:

* Define skills and post job orders to find potential candidates 
* Research labor market information on salaries and economic data 
* Set up to a Virtual Recruiter search agent to automatically find candidates within the system that match the job skills of the job order 
* Communication with job seekers, case managers, training providers, and others within the email and message center.

Services for Employers

Post job openings, find qualified candidates, and access a wide variety of information designed to help a business succeed.

Find out if you qualify for local, state or federal tax incentives, like the Welfare To Work and Work Opportunity tax credits.

Information on labor relations and legal issues, including area statutes, federal workforce laws and labor policies.

Learn how to reduce workplace injuries, create a drug-free work atmosphere and encourage a healthy work environment.

Find a suitable training or educational program, as well as information on training providers and schools.

Find information on HR-related topics, such as news, trends, employee policies, and problem resolution.

Access information about labor market trends, statistics, and economic and demographic data