Heroic Aleworks

Product/Services:  Craft beer manufacturing/Taproom                                                 

Location:  14910 Persistence Drive, Woodbridge                                                              

Employment:  8

Year Established:  2017

Website: www.heroicaleworks.com

Instagram: @heroicaleworks 

Facebook Page: Heroic.Ale                                                                                                    

Greatest and/or Recent Achievement(s):  After several years of planning and construction, Heroic Aleworks is proud to have opened its doors to the public on January 7, 2017. We are making fantastic beers and providing a fun and engaging atmosphere in our taproom, but we are also doing things a little differently.  Heroic Aleworks’ comic book and pop culture-inspired branding concept gives us a wholly unique relationship with our customers and our products, and was recognized by Craft Brewing Business as one of the top craft beer marketing ideas of 2016. (Craft Brewing Business article

Our beers are all represented by original comic book characters. Our flagship beers - which include a German-style Kölsh, an English Porter, a Belgian Dubbel, a Red Rye Ale, and of course an IPA - comprise the “Superhuman Syndicate,” a team of heroes that defends the earth from threats both cosmic and terrestrial.  Our dedicated team of heroes is complemented by a supporting cast of seasonal and special release beers that represent villains or allies who will live or die based on input from our customers about each beer.  Each original character is brought to life by a team of experienced professional comic artists, many of whom have worked on major comic book series.  We integrate these characters into an ongoing storyline, set in our own original comic universe, that is published online and in limited print edition comic books.  Through our characters and original story lines, we will build a narrative that engages our customers and serves as a launching point for new product lines, promotions, and merchandising. 

In addition, more than just offering great beer and a unique brand, we regularly host a variety of events in our taproom that appeal to the geek community and beyond.  Many come simply to enjoy the amazing beer, but we also feature trivia nights, karaoke, gaming nights, a free arcade, and will even be hosting our first comic book and arts show this May.

Thanks to the support of our friends and neighbors in Prince William County and the larger DC Metro area, Heroic Aleworks has gotten off to an exciting start this year and it’s just the beginning.  Whether it’s through the sponsorship of a Woodbridge Little League team or partnering with a brand new Northern Virginia comic convention, we plan to participate actively in our local community and continue to grow along with the bevvy of new breweries in Prince William County. The craft brewery owners and employees are a supportive and active group of who are dedicated to our craft as well as being good partners and supporters of each other’s brands across the county. 

Heroic Ale Interior