Target Markets

The Prince William County Department of Economic Development works with companies across many industries to attract capital investment and high-wage jobs. Based on our prime location, strong workforce pipeline and other factors, however, we have identified target markets for which PWC offers strategic advantages not found elsewhere. These targeted industries include, but are not limited to:


Data Centers
  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences Companies
    • Pharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing and development
    • Contract research and manufacturing
    • Biomedical research, development, testing, manufacturing and clinical trials
    • et. al.
  • Corporate Facilities
    • Corporate Headquarters
    • Technical / operations centers
    • Divisional headquarters
    • et. al
  • High Technology Firms
    • Physics-based R&D
    • Advanced Technology
    • Not-for-profit research or educational institutes
    • et. al.
High Tech Companies


For more information about Prince William County's target industries, follow the links above, view the detailed list contained in our strategic plan, or contact the Prince William County Department of Economic Development at or 703-792-5500.

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